Program Reflection


As I review the new skills I learned during my coursework in North Carolina State University's MGIST program, the program has helped me gain immense knowledge about the tools to organize data, conceptualize spatial problems, develop work flows to solve problems, and create effective presentations to communicate the results to decision makers and stake holders. From learning the basics of GIS to creating databases for use in analysis and installing ArcGIS server, I have grown tremendously in my understanding of the different parts that contribute to a geographic information system and how those parts interact with each other and with users.


The MGIST program has given me the opportunity to working with spatial data and understand projection systems and working with complex tools including the spatial analyst and Agent Analyst tools. Also through the program I had the opportunity to learn how to use different software programs such as GRASS, QGIS, ArcGIS, ArcGIS online and ArcGIS server.

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