Core Competencies


The NCSU MGIST coursework is best represented by the four core categories: Modeling and Analytics, Programming, Databases and Data Management, and Web Services. The concepts in each category overlap and extend across multiple MGIST courses. Click on the Core Competencies drop-down in the main menu for more information.



MGIST Curriculum


GIS 510: Introduction to Geographic Information Science

GIS 512: Introduction to Environmental Remote Sensing

GIS 515: Computer Cartography

GIS 520: Advanced Geospatial Analytics

GIS 521: Surface Water Hydrology with GIS

GIS 530: Principles of GIS

GIS 540: Fundamentals of Geospatial Programming

GIS 550: Geospatial Data Structures & Web Services

GIS 582: Geospatial Modeling & Analysis

GIS 590: MGIST Capstone Course

GIS 610: Center of Geospatial Analytics Forum

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